Tools to Help on Your Parenting Path (Prime Day!)

I'll be honest here--I'm not usually a huge bargain shopper like those folks that wait outside stores on Black Friday. I love a good deal (who doesn't) but I usually find it's just not worth the hassle of getting the kids ready, stomping through multiple stores with whining kids, etc.

However...Amazon Prime Day just involves sitting at home and browsing online so that makes bargain shopping a lot more appealing.

Tools to Help on Your Parenting Path (Prime Day!)

So here's the deal--I want to value your time and your readership. I so appreciate that all of you read The Thoughtful Parent. I know you don't want a bunch of deals on junk toys or other items that don't line up with what we talk about here on the blog. I only discuss products and services on this blog that I really use myself and/or fit in line with the parenting values about which I write.

With that in mind, I've organized this post with the four major research themes that we've been focusing on this year: simplify life, fostering kids' interests, self-care, managing technology, and social-emotional learning. These are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on any purchases (at no added cost to you) to help support the work of this blog so it's a win-win for all of us. Here are the Prime deals I've found that center around these themes:

Simplify Life

iRobot Roomba Vacuum--we don't hire out cleaning services in our house, but a few years ago my husband did get us this. I was skeptical; now I'm not. I can set it to run while I'm at the playground with the boys and we come home to a keep floor (and it's only eaten one Lego!). Simplifies our life in a very practical sense.

6 qt Crock Pot (programmable)-- the same idea here as with the vacuum. Having a crock pot frees up time to spend with the kids or go for a walk. Plus you can cook something way healthier than take-out.

Foster Interests

Magic Science Kit--we know kids learn best through hands-on activities. If your child is into wizards (Harry Potter perhaps?) or just sensory play, this would be a hit. We have also found that sensory activities like these can be calming for overstimulated kids.

Latice Strategy Board Game--if you have a child who loves strategy games like chess or even coding on the computer, I think this would fit right with their interests. Players must use strategy and logic to use all the tiles.

Highlights High Five--who didn't love reading Highlights as a child? Now you can give this old-school gift to your kids at a big discount. Kids love getting their own mail!


Cuisinart Single Serve Coffeemaker--if you're like me, then coffee is a form of self-care. It won't make up for staying up half the night with a colicky baby but it does ease the morning a bit.

Levoit Yoga Exercise Mat--one key aspect of self-care for me is regular exercise. I think most moms find that even a few minutes each day to focus on our health and get some endorphins flowing really helps our mood. I started doing online Pilates classes a few months ago so a good mat really helps.

Magazine Subscriptions--many of us read a lot online now, but once in awhile it feels almost indulgent to sit down and read an actual paper magazine. I enjoy reading recipes or home decorating magazines to relax, but whatever your interests, there is probably a magazine on sale for Prime Day.

Managing Technology

Echo Dot Kids Edition--I was skeptical when this first came out. I thought it was just yet another device amid many. However, since reading more about it and understanding the parental controls, I'm beginning to see the benefits. Parents can turn it off (so there's no sneaky listening at night) and it includes a year of Free Time Unlimited that has all the kid radio shows, audiobooks, etc. As far as technology goes, I think it's a move in the right direction since it's not screen-based and parents have more control. Plus, listening to books and programs does engage a different, more active part of the brain than passive screen time.

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Social-Emotional Learning

 Guess How Much I Love You--a childhood classic every kid should have. Plus, it really does foster emotional learning by using a lot of emotional language.

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The Dot--a lot about the creative spirit within all of us; a little about growth mindset. This book is becoming a modern classic.

If you'd like to see more items that I find helpful (that are not all Amazon), check out this page of resources.

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