Parenting is an Ongoing Learning Process

Parenting means...continually learning about yourself and your children

Parenting means...recognizing that you don't know all the answers

Parenting means...not giving up on your kids (even when it's a struggle)

Parenting are still your own person with dreams, ideas, and feelings

Because parenting is all these things and much more I hope you take a moment to read about the Mom Conference

It begins Tuesday, Oct. 17th. Yes, it has TONS of great parenting advice like these awesome speakers:

Amanda Morgan on the Power of Play (she is one of my all time favs!)

Parenting is an Ongoing Learning Process

Amy McCready on Raising Kids who are Motivated and Grateful (her stuff is always wonderful)

Parenting is an Ongoing Learning Process

But it also has wonderful information about being a real mom and finding time to do everything you want to do:

Sadie Jane Sabin on Weight Loss and Fitness (healthy, strong moms!)

Kelly Jensen on Finding Joy in Motherhood (self-care and joy time)

I hope you will check it out and sign up TODAY. The best part is that the  Mom Conference is all FREE! This is one of the few big online events that I really look forward to each year.

Participate ONLINE and be inspired October 17, 18 and 19th!

Register for FREE today so you can watch TOMORROW:
Click HERE

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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