Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week by Trading Up Your Pump (and Helping Moms in Need)

World Breastfeeding Week is this week! What is it all about? Why should we bother having so much attention paid to something that is just a natural part of human reproduction?

Well, as any of you who have breastfed know, it is natural but it requires support. In many places in the world, women are provided little support to succeed in breastfeeding. A few facts:

- With only 44% of the world’s newborns put to the breast within one hour after their arrival,
the need for more supportive medical facilities and staff is REAL

- Do the math! Investing in breastfeeding is one of the smartest investments a country can make to ensure a smarter, healthier population

Breastfeeding is a win-win situation for mom, baby, and society, but families need support, the right supplies and equipment. Part of that support is having access to a breast pump that meets the family's needs. Pumping can allow mom to work outside the home and can allow dad (or other caregivers) to be a part of bonding and caring for baby.

I was just introduced to a very cool program that allows moms to trade in their insurance-provided breast pump for a better model. The used pump is then donated to a mom who might not otherwise have access to a pump. Another win-win!

Here's all the info on this program called "Chance to Choose":

WHAT IS THE CHANCE TO CHOOSE PROGRAM? An innovative breast pump “trade-up” program which allows moms to trade-in their current or insurance-provided pump in exchange for a brand new pump of their choosing at a heavily reduced price. The traded-in pumps will be donated and distributed to moms across the globe via our charitable partners. 

WHY DID BREAST PUMPS DIRECT CREATE THIS PROGRAM? Moms are constantly faced with making decisions - especially early on when it comes to their baby’s nutrition and wellbeing. But what if you didn’t have a choice? What if you didn’t have access to clean water to mix formula or a breast pump to leave milk for your growing baby while you work to provide for your family? We want every mom to have the chance to choose better for themselves and their baby. We want every mom around the world to have access to a breast pump in order to establish and maintain a healthy breastfeeding relationship. That is the foundation of the Chance to Choose trade-up program. 

WHY IS BREASTFEEDING SO IMPORTANT? Did you know that breastfeeding can… ● Protect children from developing obesity or diabetes later in life ● Have the greatest potential impact on child survival of all preventive interventions ● Have the potential to prevent over 800,000 deaths in children under five in the developing world ● Save the planet - formula generates tons of landfill waste 

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO TRADE UP? Any mom who is unhappy with her current pump provided through her insurance. Did you know that several moms that receive an insurance-provided pump often purchase a premium pump at full price, leaving their insurance-provided pump collecting dust or thrown in the trash? Often times, insurance-provided pumps are very basic and do not fulfill moms’ every need. That’s where we come in - mom gets the premium pump she wants at a great price AND the donated pump is distributed to a mom who would otherwise not have access to one. 

WILL I HAVE TO SEND IN MY PUMP FIRST? No. We will ship and send out your new pump along with a pre-paid shipping label. Once you receive your new premium pump, you can ship us your donated pump. 

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE OR TRADE UP MY PUMP? You can learn more or trade-up your pump at www.breastpumpsdirect.com

Check out these guides from the bra company ThirdLove, who recently launched their first ever nursing bra, on the ways your breasts change when you're nursing. Did you know breast change sizes during and post breastfeeding? So you need to be prepared for anything! 

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