Summer Time Means Biking Time

Do you enjoy biking with your kids? We having been biking as a family since our oldest was still in diapers. He always loved motion so it was a big hit.

Now that we have two kids, biking altogether seemed challenging at first. But guess what? Even before our oldest could ride on his own, we managed to bike altogether thanks to all the cool bike carriers and harnesses available now.

The best thing about biking as a family is that it is one of the few physical exercises that you can all do together in which the adults actually get a workout too. From a research perspective, we all know that physical activity is associated with better overall health, especially improved blood pressure and cardiovascular health. We love hiking together too, but as you parents know, hiking with little kids isn't always much of a workout for the adults, since you usually stop about 10 times for every 30 feet you hike.

Now that we live in Colorado where biking is common and there are tons of biking paths, it has become a regular activity for us in the spring and summer.

If you are new to biking with kids, this infographic below is helpful in figuring out what gear might be right for your family.

Get out there and enjoy the feel of the wind on your face and the freedom of pedal power.

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