4th of July Fun Learning

Independence Day is just around the corner. Do celebrate in the traditional way with a big BBQ and fireworks or does your family have a unique tradition? Our family tends to stick with tradition and do a lot of outdoor activities, a parade and at least a few fireworks. If you have little kids like me, you know that July 4th can be a lot of fun, but also late bedtimes for kids who are not used to staying up late. Mine are finally at an age (7 and 3) where they can recover from a late night within a day.

July 4 is also a unique holiday because it has a lot of learning opportunities tied into it. What a great time to discuss America's independence, freedoms, and pride for our country. Below are a selection of great learning tools and ideas for kids of all ages.
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1. 4th of July Lapbook Package of 6 (Downloadable)


I can't believe the 4th is Monday already! Thankfully Knowledge Box Central (one of my favorite makers) has a lapbook package that you can download. It covers the Declaration of Independence, important facts about Independence Day (more than BBQ!), Patriotic Symbols and Memorials Activities, and US symbols like the Statue of Liberty in 289 pages. Kiddos learn about the history of our nation and honor the efforts of those before us.

Who it's for: Ages 5-13

Cost: $9.99 (save $20)

Download It

2. 4th of July Hands On Activities (Downloadable)


Keep your kiddos active during the day (so they can rest at night) with 18 hands on activities surrounding the holiday. This set of activities includes color matching, stamp making, necklaces, and loads more. Note it's a downloadable so you'll need to rustle up components like crayons and sponges, but the down to earth ideas won't require a trip to a super store. And you can access it right away.

Who it's for: Ages 2-6

Cost: $9

Download It

3. All 50 States Notebooking Pages (Downloadable)

50 states

Quite the bundle - I love this notebook of all 50 states because it encourages personalized, independent research. Kick off long-term learning with the founding states, and discuss how the United States grew as a nation following the Declaration of Independence. I've found that interest-fueled lessons help kids learn with greater depth and retention - but as they say, creativity loves constraints - and this 50-state notebook creates just the right framework.

Who it's for: Ages 7-12

Cost: $25 (save $275)

Download It

4. Declaration of Independence CD

declaration-ad (1)

This is a tool that will resonate with auditory learners, and one that the whole family can enjoy. Learn the words of the Declaration of Independence through song, and hear them explained by a teacher in terms children can understand. I hold this truth to be self-evident: this CD is a great way to bring historical concepts to life for little learners.

Who it's for: Ages 5+, the whole family

Cost: $11.96 (save $4)

Order It

5. 4th of July Coloring Pages (Downloadable)


How about a little creativity for the day? These adorable pages will let kiddos inner artist shine, while giving opportunity to talk about what's in them. For example, what is the meaning of the Statue of Liberty? You can even talk about how she's green because of copper oxidizing over time, and how pennies are made of the same material. Yes! Arts, History and Science all together! And it's 99 cents.

Who it's for: Kids who love coloring, all ages

Cost: 99 cents

Download It

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