Parenting Humor: Kids' Letters to Santa

Have you heard of the app-based magazine for kids and parents called Timbuktu? I discovered it a few months ago and it is not only fun to read with your child, but it is also just pretty to look at.

If you are not aware, these are the same folks you brought you the wildly popular book, Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls. They just released the sequel too!

The folks at Timbuktu recently brought my attention to their cool blog as well. Every so often I will be sharing a post from them for you to enjoy. First up today, a little comic relief with kids letters to Santa.

Parenting Humor: Kids' Letters to Santa

For inspiration, we’ve selected 10 incredibly funny letters to (or about) Santa!

1 – We need an architect!
Leo is worried that his mom’s chimney won’t be big enough for Santa to pass through.

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 2 – No one likes an incomplete present
DK points out a problem we all faced.

3 – Sometimes it’s bad to delegate.  
Claire writes a letter on behalf of her brother Mitch.

4 – Trenton. Very good child. 
And quite the rock star, check out his (long) list for Santa!

5 – Nitya deserves a dog.
She deserves more than a bunny.

6 – Interview Santa!
Timothy would be a great to interview Santa

7 – Manners first.
How many kids remember to thank for the previous year’s presents?

8 – All presents are welcome…
… but the ones inside circles are more welcome than the others!

9 – No emotional threats.
Porter knows how to spell Shih Tzu, but is not so sure about “gerl!”

10 – Another #interviewSanta contestant!
Devin has a lot of good questions for Santa.

These kids are a hoot!

If you’re looking for some educational, engaging content for your kids to read over the holiday break, don’t miss the iPad magazine from Timbuktu or their cool selection of educational apps, like Timbuktu Kitchen and Timbuktu Christmas Cookies (perfect for this time of year!).

Christmas Cookies

Timbuktu Magazine

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