The Discussion Continues: Academic vs Play-Based Preschool

Just a quick post today, but I wanted to add one more follow-up to the discussion of academic vs. play-based preschools. I've discussed this topic here and here, and based on the research I've read, I'm becoming more and more convinced that play-based preschool better supports what we know about how children development both academically and socially. While academic-based preschools may provide immediate "results" in the form of children learning to read sooner, etc., but this may be undermined by children becoming disinterested in learning by early elementary school. This Canadian article reiterates what much of the research shows--one of the primary goals of preschool is to help students develop self-regulation and play-based preschool promotes this goal in a better, more child-friendly way. Research has continued to show that self-regulation is a better predictor of a child's later academic success (and life success) than IQ tests or academic tests.

This debate about the different types of preschool is likely to go on for years, but I think it is important, as a parent, to understand the distinction.

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