The Thoughtful Parent Top Ten

Yes, I know it's that time of year when everyone seems to be putting together top 10 lists. I can't be left out, right? So, in case you missed some, here are the top 10 posts of 2010 from The Thoughtful Parent (based on number of hits per post).

1. 2010 Notable Children's Books. A list of the top children's books from the Association for Library Services to Children.

2. Temperament: A Two-Part Series. Describes the basic concept of temperament and where researchers think it originates.

3. Child Psychology Classics: The Mirror Test. Discusses the classic mirror test which helps researchers understand when babies start to develop a sense of self.

4. Difficult Temperament ≠ A Child Destined for Problems: Good Parenting is Key. Discusses a study of babies' temperament and later academic success. Those with difficult temperaments are more sensitive to optimal and less-than-optimal-parenting.

5. Child Psychology Classics: Attachment Theory. The basic theory of attachment from a child development perspective, in contrast to "attachment parenting."

6. Yes, the Little Things Matter: Parents' Role in Helping Kids Become Socially Competent. Describes how parents' actions such as guidance and scaffolding help children develop social competence.

7. Language Skills Help Boys Develop Self-Regulation. Considers how the early development of language skills help boys regulate their behavior.

8. The Moral Mind of Toddlers. Discusses how researchers now believe that children develop the ability to understand the intentions of others at a younger age than previously thought.

9. Babies Development: Newborn Reflexes. Reviews the fascinating topic of newborns' unique reflexes.

10. Infant Sleep and Parental Responsiveness. Describes an interesting study that examines the role of parental responsiveness in helping infants and toddlers go to sleep peacefully.

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing more great parenting research in 2011. Thanks for reading!
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