Prematurity Awareness Month

As you may have noticed on the right sidebar, November is prematurity awareness month. March of Dimes is the main sponsor in trying to get more awareness and information out about the prevalence of prematurity. Did you know:

- 12.9 million babies are born premature each year

- that the rate of preterm birth in the U.S. has increased by 36% in the past 25 years

I was surprised by these statistics. You would think in this day, with all our advanced technology, prematurity would not be so common. If you know of a family who has experienced the premature birth of a child (and most of us probably do), you know the heartache, worry, and stress it can entail. Please think of these families and do whatever you can to support them. Visit the March of Dimes to find out more information and ways to help. I will be posting more on this topic throughout the month.
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