Parenting on Your iPod

Much like the rest of America (or should I say world) and I love my iPod. During the last few months I have really been enjoying listening to podcasts about all things pregnancy, parenting, and child development-related. I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites in case you may not have found them yet. I'm listing the websites here, but these are all available through iTunes.
The Parents' Journal: This is a very high quality series that is broadcast on some NPR stations. It's not broadcast on my local NPR station so I'm glad it's available for download. The host features several guests each week, most of whom are pediatricians, child development experts, or professors. Great information that goes into a enough depth to be useful.

Tumblon: This is one of my new favorite parenting websites and they've recently added podcasts to their offerings. Their offer very thoughtful discussions about a wide range of topics like literacy, child development, early childhood education, and developmentally-appropriate toys.

PregTASTIC Pregnancy Podcast: This is a great resource for moms-to-be. Each week a group of pregnant women discuss pregnancy-related topics with an expert guest. The guests are high caliber, too, including well-known authors, pediatricians, and ob-gyns.

Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond: This podcast features of a group of moms discussing a wide variety of parenting topics. It's nice to hear the perspective of other parents in a thoughtful way. They also feature great guests who are experts in their field.

Enjoy listening!

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