Welcome to The Thoughtful Parent!

This blog is devoted to sharing research-based parenting and child development information with average folks out there who do not make a habit of reading academic journals. While completing my PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences, I realized that academics have access to great information that the average parent never sees. Much of the most interesting and useful child development and parenting information is often only published in academic journals that sit on library shelves. My goal is to share some of this insightful information. Having said that, let me add a few caveats:
  • I do not claim to be a parenting or child development "expert." I consider myself more of a translator--I hope to translate research jargon into information that the average person can easily understand. I offer this information with the hopes of provoking new thoughts and ideas.
  • You know your child better than any researcher. Research typically reports averages, thus a particular finding or statistic may not hold true for your particular child. This does not mean the research is wrong, just that it does not match up with your experience.
Now, let the fun begin! I hope you find the information provided here to be useful and insightful. I welcome your comments and suggestions.
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